Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Danilo Baptized, Faithful Carriers, Light on TOP of the Hill..... 5-6-14

First off, it was change week and NOTHING changed for me. I am still here in Chico 2 Rivera with Elder Gropp!! Still a District Leader and have a wonderful district. Life is good!

Well what a week it was people! Seemed like everything that we had planned just fell through, but that is always what pushes us to work harder and smarter with the Spirit. So Friday we went to the church to check the font because now I don't trust any baptismal font... We turned on the water and it was flashback time to the other baptisms... Cold water baptism! And this one was especially cold. 

But lets back up to earlier Friday before checking the water. We had the Zone Leaders come to our church to do the Interview of Danilo. Danilo asked Elder Zapata if he could interview him, which was really cool because it was the last time that Zapata was going to be able to interview someone for a baptism. He goes home today, that was a sad goodbye. He has been a huge influence on me as a companion as well as a leader. But they came out of the Interview and E Zapata was really impressed with how Danilo answered the questions and explained them back to him. Ended up being one of the best interviews he has been in. Danilo is a little champ! 

Saturday the baptism was scheduled to start at 5, but I guess the Mormon Standard Time really is a world wide standard of time. We had Danilo and one of our Investigators there before the Bishopric even showed up! Ended up starting at 5:20, but was a very spiritual reunion. Even with the water being freezing cold and Danilo was shaking as I said the prayer, he didn't say a word and came out of the water with the biggest smile. He then gave his testimony after, and all of his less active family members were there to see and hear it. They felt the Spirit strongly as well as all of the members that attended. It's so true what Christ says about little children. 

We have been focusing a lot on Matthew chapter 5 and how we as members need to always be examples of what is right even if there are those that are openly fighting against it. Christ knew and knows still that it isn't easy being that light on top of the hill for everyone to see, BUT our reward in heaven will be far greater than we can imagine. 

The times are changing, and it is obvious here in Uruguay with all of the laws that have been passed, and how the world thinks. It is nowhere near how our Heavenly Father thinks, and HE needs us to be the faithful carriers of His Perfect Plan of Happiness. Righteous living brings the peace of heart that no one can take from us. I know that this Church is true, and that the Gospel has been restored in its fullness, just depends on us and how much we truly want to make the Gospel a way of life. I know it changes lives because it has been changing mine. Christs atonement is real, and through repentance we can feel that joy- joy far greater than anything else. Thank you all for your examples and support. I truly am blessed to have you all!! Have a great week! And remember your MOM's this week!
                               ELDER Devashrayee
On top of one of the few "Hills" here in Rivera.

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