Monday, April 14, 2014

Two new contacts, Feel the blessings of Easter Week! 4-14-14

Well it was a great week to add onto the General Conference! We have 2 Investigators that are progressing really well and both have their baptismal date for the 3 of May! One is this 9 year old boy named Danilo. His Mom is a member, just hasn't gone to church for a long time because of things that have happened in the past, and his 14 year old brother who is baptized. Danilo Loves talking to us, and through him we have been able to talk to the Mom and find out that what is holding her back is the repentance process. She has a strong testimony and knows a lot about the Gospel but is stuck at that point. We had a powerful lesson about the Atonement of Christ and the 5 Principles of the Gospel. Danilo accepted the date, and even went with us alone yesterday to go the Stake Conference! We went back that night, and his mom said something that brought me a lot of joy ¨I will come back to church if you 2 (her boys) keep learning and doing what is right.¨ That was a testimony - it doesn't matter the age, those that want to follow Christ and grow in His Gospel are examples for us. He is 9 years old, but being an example to His mother.

The other guy is awesome! He has lived in the "field" for all of his life and knew nothing about Christ until we found him a couple months ago. He has a hard time understanding, and we have had to go over the lessons a few times with him so that he understands. We even used the little Plan of Salvation set that you sent me mom - thanks! I just had to translate the words on them to Spanish ;) Ya it might have been a little childish, but he understood it more and it began to make sense to him. This past week we found clothes for him to go to church and he went!!! 

It was such a great Sunday too. Our mission president was there and this Stake Conference was the most powerful Stake Conference that I have been to. The Spirit of the Work of Salvation was the theme, and everyone left feeling the importance of Working WITH the missionaries. It is what the Prophet has said, and miracles will come through those efforts. He told us he really liked it and will keep preparing himself for his baptism. He doesn't understand everything, but he knows that there is truth in what we say and how he has felt with us! 

Seems like with this cooler weather here the people are more receptive. I'm just so Grateful for the experiences that I am having here. We had interviews with President the Saturday before Conference, and I am so blessed to have a president like him! He is always such a booster and has the Spirit with him really strongly. I love the Atonement of Christ and the power it does give us to do better and be better servants. More dedicated, harder working, and trusting in His power. I know this Church is true, and Christ is leading it. He knows us personally and loves us. I know these things because I have felt them, and can't deny the happiness there is in living and striving to do better in the Gospel. Love you all and wish you a great Easter Week. Think of Christ and what he has done for us, and you will feel the Divine Nature and Merits of Christ. He is our Savior, and He LIVES! 
                ELDER Devashrayee
Thanks for the seasonings Mom - I love the "taste" I can add when I cook. 
Things down here are pretty bland.

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