Monday, April 28, 2014

The Faith of a Child, Staying Strong While Being Tried, Lessons From Nephi to ME! 4-28-14

Weather is starting to cool down here some and it is raining a lot. Just received an email from home that said it was snowing/hailing there right now! Appreciate the moisture and cooler weather - it won't stay that way for long. We still have all 6 of us in our house. Crazy at times, but we are adapting better to the packed quarters, clothes and stuff everywhere, and sharing everything!

Another Week in the books people! Crazy how it goes by. We have a baptism coming up this Saturday! His name is Danilo and he is 9 years old. His whole family are members, but less actives. We started teaching him a while ago, and he has really been progressing a lot. We talked to him about Baptism and he wasn't really sure at first, but said that he will see. The turning point was this past week Tuesday. We watched "Finding Faith in Christ" with him and his brother. It was in English because they didn't have a remote to change the language (haha - sounds familiar - can't find the remote) so I just translated (tried to) what it was saying into Spanish. It ended up being a really powerful lesson for him.

We then set up a lesson with him and had his mom with us so we could talk about baptism. She shared her memories of her baptism, and I really hope that that Spirit she felt will spark a change in her. Danilo told us he wanted to be baptized. It was really cool because after we talked with his mom and she said that he is being an example for everyone. He has been reading the Book of Mormon every night and saying his prayers too! Such an awesome kid and amazing example. He is always outside waiting for us and excited to hear what we have to say. I am really excited for him and his happiness to do what is right and how he feels. He is even going to make invitations to give to his friends to go to his baptism! 

Arturo, our other Investigator, is coming along too! We found out that he has a little bit of shortage with his mental capacity which makes it hard for him to pay attention some times and absorb what is being said. He is awesome and is understanding the Gospel piece by piece. He has been going to church with 2 members that stop by his house to walk with him! We are waiting until he has a better understanding to get baptized, but he really has been growing a lot. 

Mario and the Braga Family are just being AWESOME as always! We were privileged to be invited to Jaqueline's birthday party this past week! Such a great family and examples for the ward. Mario is facing a lot of scrutiny from his friends and a few relatives. He is having his Testimony attacked a lot, but has stayed strong to what he now knows is true, and is only strengthening his testimony even more! That's the most important part. Spiritual growth and testimony. 

I was actually reading in 2nd Nephi 4 the other day about Nephi as a prophet even had difficulties. We all face our challenges, but it depends on if we will fight to keep progressing and being better or if we will put that limit on ourselves. I have been struggling with that these past couple weeks. I felt like I wasn't making any progression. Nephi really taught me a lesson that my progress depends on how much I put my trust in the Lord and try to be better. Obedience to the Lord can always be improved, and through the small things great things come to pass. We will feel that progress which truly is an eternal progress. We are Sons and Daughters of God and we have the opportunity to keep progressing to become more like Him through our own Diligence to growing our faith and obedience! This coming weekend is changes.... we will see what happens.  Until Tuesday, stay safe and keep progressing forward!  Love you all and hope you have a great week!
                        ELDER Devashrayee

p.s. This is what I woke up to this morning! GOOD MORNING URUGUAY! Absolutely Beautiful!

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