Monday, March 10, 2014

Week of "Locura", switching comps, baptism set for Mario..... 3/10/14

Well I'm just glad that I got my Eagle and learned the phrase ¨Be prepared´ in Scouts because I have been on my toes this past week! So let us start out with the last P Day in the night. My comp started to have some pain in his lower stomach and groin area. He woke up Tuesday with more pain, so I talked to the mission's nurse who can only speak English, haha so I was the middle man translator! That was actually really hard because I would start speaking to her in Spanish and my comp in English but she didn't have anything that could help us so we went to the hospital. He needed to see a specialist and the next appointment that they had open was the 29th of March. The next day he could barely even walk, so The Zone leaders called in 2 Corto Plazos (substitute/short term companions) to our area. That is when more "locura" (madness/craziness) started. 

We were in our rooms peacefully studying when this woman came screaming and pounding on our door. I think every single one of us got startled by her. We went down the stairs and it was the Old Lady that lives below us.... Water was just pouring down her walls in her front room! Right then when we were already freaking out our owner shows up (another older woman who yells really loud) and just EXPLODES on us. We tried explaining to her that we didn't do anything crazy, it just happened. She wasn't having any of it. We then called our friend in the ward who luckily is a plumber to come as fast as he could. It ends up being that there was a valve for the hot water that came undone and hot water went down the cold water one and the glue that held them together practically melted and water went everywhere in the walls and floor. So this week we were also without a shower so we were showering with buckets out back. THAT was quite the experience! 

But back to the Corto Plazos- One would stay with my comp during the day and the other would go out with me. One of them is a convert of 3 weeks so whenever I was with him we were just talking about the basic Doctrine of Christ which was a great Refresher for me about the importance of the basics, and how that is really what we should focus on improving in our lives, and helping others understand it too. My comp wasn't getting any better so our leaders organized things with Montevideo and the buses to get him there so he could get into the Hospital and see the Specialist he needs. 

So right now I am with a kid from Rivera who is getting his mission papers together. He is an awesome dude, and unfortunately he has to go this week. Looks like I will be finishing out the next 2 weeks of the change switching around with different people and areas! I Like the Action...... But on the Upside, sounds like Elder Mandujano will be better here soon! 

Now for the update on the area. Mario Romero is officially going to be getting baptized! We have it this Saturday and he can't wait for it! After 4 years that he has been in contact with the church and being an investigator he now knows that this Church is the Church of Christ on the Earth! He has been inviting everyone to his baptism, which ends up being an interesting group. He was an Evangelical Pastor just 2 months ago! The happiness he has is obvious and he can't wait to start the conversion process with his wife and kids too! He truly is a testimony of how the Seeds are planted! He remembers the first Elder he talked to by name, and is so grateful for what he did! 

I know that this week has been a crazy one, but the Lord has blessed us during all of this with a strong (huge too... 300 pounds probably and baptizing him will take all the strength I have!) Convert to the Gospel! I know that this the True Church here on Earth and I'm so lucky to be able to know it. The Atonement of Christ changes and saves lives. That is what we are spreading- the happiness of Repentance and making Saving Covenants with our Heavenly Father. The Faith that we grow in Christ only leads us to more Change and a Desire to repent and be better. Alma 34 says it better than me! Thanks everyone for the prayers and support! Love you guys and wish the best for you all!!
                ELDER Devashrayee

p.s. Did find a calm moment to relax and take a deep breath.  Love hammocks!

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