Monday, March 17, 2014

Repairing, Painting, Baptism and Speaking... a full week! 3/17/14

Another crazy week went by, but I really enjoyed it!! I was with my Corto Plazo (temp companion) for the whole week and it was actually really fun teaching him the ropes and how much enthusiasm he has to be a missionary! He will be putting in his papers here in a few weeks and he is already a TON more prepared than I was.  I'm actually a little jealous of him! 

So we started off the week painting the inside of our house white. Luckily we had a professional or I think it would have been an absolute disaster.... I now understand why I was never invited to the painting parties. But I did learn so now you can invite me!  I have also been the money man for all of the expenses for the Bathroom repair work. Once again I feel like I am a missionary Realtor (haha Mom, ready to help you out when I get back) but things are calming down and our Owner is really content with the work we have done so I don't think we will be yelled at for awhile. 

Now for the Spiritual side. We had a week full of visiting Mario and preparing him for his Baptism. Every lesson and moment we had with him I was just feeling better and better because of the strong Spirit and excitement he had for his baptism! He passed the Interview with Elder El-bakri with flying colors and that's when once again something had to go wrong. We went Friday to make sure everything was working well with the font, and there wasn't hot water again... 2nd baptism in a row with Cold Water! But we didn't tell him that until he was already changed hahaha :) 

The Spirit was really strong, and everything went perfectly with the baptism. It really was amazing because the 75 year old man Hermano Dumas, was able to baptize Mario by himself! I was dressed ready to 'hop in' if I was needed. I was a little worried that one of the 2 were going to get hurt, but the Lord really did provide the strength! And after the baptism Mario gave an awesome testimony and his whole family was listening and felt the Spirit strongly. That's our next work! 

I was asked to give a talk here in Chico 2 ward last Sunday about the mission work. I was thoroughly surprised to get that topic. But it actually went really well. I talked about Jacob 5: 70-75 and the Call from our Prophet about the Members and Missionaries uniting and working in the Lords vineyard. I know that this work is for every member! Even though we might be few in number we have the Lord at our side to do this work. I want to be able to see Him face to face and have him say 'blessed art thou' because of my diligence in working. The joy in that moment, knowing I have done all I can and seeing 'the good fruit' we have saved is what I want! I know this work is of a Divine Nature. It builds our testimony, and brings miracles into our lives! The Lord lives and walks with us in these last days! Love you all and have a great week!
                       ELDER Devashrayee

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