Monday, March 3, 2014

One incredible week & the Braga Girls baptism... 3-3-14

What a week here in Rivera!! I definitely needed a week like this last one. We started Tuesday doing a Zone Wide fast to prepare us to go to the Temple on Wednesday. There is such a strong Spirit when you know that every other person fasting is doing it with true intent. We took a bus ride down to Montevideo Wednesday (7 hours) and then stayed the night in the Hostel right next to the temple. 

Thursday morning really started such an amazing day. We had a 2 hour conference with President Smith and his wife about the Plan of Salvation. A subject that truly covers every subject and every Doctrine is placed there to accomplish that plan. We focused on the importance of this life and how much of a blessing it is to be able gain experience through difficulties- something that Satan and his followers will never be able to experience. We already chose to follow Christ in the Pre-mortal life, and it is our goal to be the best follower of Him in this life. The way to include Christ more and more is through his Atonement. Our time here is prolonged so we have the ability to repent and apply the Atonement in our life. 

I went into the temple already feeling the Spirit really strongly, and the time inside just gave me an even bigger boost. I felt so at peace with the trails that I have had, and the comfort of knowing that our efforts are not unnoticed. I have never felt such a strong presence of Peace and Comfort. I really didn't want to leave! But after we had a few more hours to talk with the Assistants and find things that we can improve in Rivera. 

Oh, and I know you guys will like this. Haha president called on us to give a "practice lesson" in front of everyone about the Plan of Salvation, and it went really well, but he gave us something that we could do better. He wanted us to sing I Am a Child of God in front of everyone. (keep in mind there wasn't any piano or tune) Presidents' glasses weren't shattered! And the Zone Leaders here were just laughing after. We then got onto the bus to take the long ride back when I saw Elder Davis England from the other Uruguay Mission!!! That was a treat! 
This is Elder Nelson (from St. George) this is in the Hostel before heading over to the temple. 
We are running every morning and playing some bball in the church 
really early some mornings - while our comps sleep :)

The Adversary knew that we had an awesome experience and Friday - man was he at work! We were trying to prepare for the baptism of Jaqueline and Beatriz Braga, and our church had NO water. So we went to another church and cleaned the font, but Green water started coming out.... Ends up being a problem underground with the pump or something, so we went to another church. This one had Clear Water!! We informed everyone about the change of place, and went back Saturday morning to fill the font. But..... It only had cold water. My comp and I couldn't believe everything that was happening to try and stop this baptism. Everything went well though, and even though the water was really cold haha they both left the Font smiling! Such a great feeling to see the parents smiling and crying while their kids were just loving the experience. The Spirit was really strong, oh and I can't leave out a detail! The little Girl Beatriz asked if Elder Zapata could come and baptize her! It happened! Last Changes switch paid off :) 
Braga family 3-1-2014

That wasn't the end of the Bomb Week either! Yesterday we had fast and testimony meeting, and Mario showed up again. And he got up to give his Testimony too!! He talked about the past 4 years he has had contact with the church, but these past few weeks he has been gaining even more feelings through the Holy Ghost that this is the Only True Church of Christ. He gave up being pastor in the other church, and at the end of his inspirational testimony he invited everyone to be at his Baptism the 15th of this month!! He is really excited for that, and I definitely need to be doing more exercises to prepare- haha he is one HUGE dude! 

I loved this past week and really gained a stronger testimony of the Plan of Salvation. 2nd Nephi 2: 6-8. We need to spread the knowledge of Christ and his Atonement so everyone can be saved through Him. He is our Savior and if we put our faith in Him with a desire to be saved, It WILL happen. Families are essential to this plan and I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family as examples! Love you all and have a great week!
                           ELDER Devashrayee

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