Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Change Week - new Comp and made a D.L..... 3/25/14

Well this week was an interesting one! Elder Mandujano got back in time for the last week before the new change. We had a great one, and to be honest nothing new has really happened other than Mario is moving along so well! Because of being a former Evangelical Pastor he knows a lot of people, potential contacts, and has been sharing the Gospel with them! He has lost a few friends for joining the Church, but he knows that it is the True Church, and wants to spread the word with everyone. He even wants to go with us and meet the less actives and tell them "How could you go inactive?! You are missing out on the happiest time of your life!" I know he will be such an asset for this area, and a source of references for the missionaries. 

But now here is the news for this upcoming change....... I'm staying and Elder Mandujano is going to Montevideo. The funniest part is I already know my comp really well hahaha. It is Elder Gropp. He is from my same group and we have been living in the same house for the past 6 weeks, now he just needs to change rooms! 

Another update, I will be a District Leader this change too. I honestly couldn't believe it! I have been really nervous for this the past couple of days, but I know that the Lord wants me to do it, and I will learn and grow from it! One D.L. per district. 4 districts here in Rivera with 2 Zone Leaders. Each district has 4 companionship's.

The scripture for me this week is one that I happened to come across and really hit me hard how simple and powerful it was Romans 8: 16-18. I know that we are Children of God, our Heavenly Father. The Spirit testifies of that. We might have struggles ahead of us, but nothing compares and shouldn't distract us from the Glory and Happiness we will have for the Eternities. The family is central to that happiness and fundamental in the Plan that God has for us, and I know that Families can live together forever through diligence in following the Gospel and applying the Atonement of Christ. So grateful for this knowledge and for the time that I have had so far on the mission to learn and feel it even more. Love you all and hope you have a great week!!
                      ELDER Devashrayee
Our District BEFORE changes.

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