Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spread the Good News and learn to really FEEL IT! 2/11/14

Another Week in the Books. This one was another hot and difficult week. Changes are today and Elder Zapata is going to be Zone Leader here in Rivera!! Great - I will still be seeing him around. My new companion is from Peru and to be honest I can't remember how he spells his name (I now know how everyone else feels with my name!) but it is something like Mandujano. I will find out for sure and send it next time.

This last week with Zapata we had some great lessons with the Braga Family like always :) This family just picks me up every time I see them and see the happiness they have. The other great part of the week was the 2nd lesson that we had with Mario and this time his Wife and Son were there. He told us that he knows this church is true from what he has felt. His wife on the other hand doesn't want much to do with us, but she did stay and listen! We talked about the Restoration and Joseph Smith and he asked if we could bring a video to watch. Perfect :). We watched the Restoration short version, and the whole family sat there intently watching and really enjoyed it. 

I love how we get to spread the Good News that The Church of Christ has been restored to the Earth, and is growing! The Kingdom Of God here on Earth really is being strengthened with more missionaries, churches, and temples being built around the world. We will have another lesson with him later this week.  

What Mario said about "feeling it" really had me thinking. Our testimony is truly gained through personal spiritual experiences. We can "know" things of the Gospel solely through reading and studying it, but it is a totally different Conversion when we "feel it". Those moments when the Spirit testify to us truly are experiences that we will never forget and only add to our growing testimony. 

This last week we were able to do some service for a family in the area.  They needed some things cut down.  I think we used the saw that Nephi used to build HIS ship.  The thing was ancient.  Just thought I would share.

This week, I also noticed that the Youth Theme Scripture is Moroni 10:32. I love what it says. Christ really is the only way we can perfect ourselves. That perfection comes through obedience and repentance with a true change of heart. We gain that through our humility and listening to the Spirit. This area has been a hard one during this heat with people not accepting us, but I know that Christ lives and he will be there to help us through our roughest moments. I would never trade the experiences that I have had on the mission for anything. I know that He loves me through what I have felt. We are here spreading the Gospel, inviting people to have their own personal experiences that will truly convert them. There is no reason why us as members can't look for those Experiences and continue our conversion! Love you all and hope everything is going well back in the COLD weather.... haha :) I will get mine soon enough.
                            ELDER Devashrayee

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