Monday, February 3, 2014

Rainy Days are blessings, Growth comes from Struggles, and "Come Unto ME"... 2/3/14

What a week! So I have finally just accepted the fact that the weather down here is "bipolar". We had one day where it was changing between 90 degrees and then cool with down pouring rain every couple hours. It changed 6 or 7 times in one day! But the rainy days have been a blessing. Those days that are rainy have been the most successful for us because people are more welcoming and not sleeping through the whole afternoon. 
View from above of the street turning into a river just after it was so hot we were sweating....

The Braga family that is waiting for their marriage papers are doing great. That family really has been such a blessing and example of how the Gospel of Christ can change a happy, well rounded family to something even greater! Their happiness is contagious and I love the chances we have to be able to teach and talk with them. We had a lesson about Tithing last night, and they were so ready to start paying and helping the Lord establish his Church here on the Earth! This area has been a tough one for me, but the joy that I feel for this family really makes all the struggles and hard times worth it. 

You also remember that 25 year old stud! He invited us in the first time, and by the end of the lesson he prayed. The second time we went he had just barely been hit by a car...... He just walked it off and told us "come in, I will just be putting ice on my leg while I listen to you guys. This is a little trail for me, but I can't let it keep me from working and moving forward." He has such a great commitment for what he does and wants to do things the best he can. We gave him the Book of Mormon and said he was going to start it that night! He works a lot so it has been hard to stay in touch, but we are excited to see what he thinks of the Book of Mormon. 

This last week I really was able to learn a lot. We were struggling to even enter into houses, but this scripture showed up in my study one day. D&C 122: 7-8... I know that the struggles we have in this life are for our benefit. We grow the most when we have struggles. They are moments where we have the chance to grow closer to God and Christ and put more faith in them. Christ truly went below everything we might suffer here in this life to be able to help us in our moments of need. That love he had for us, to willingly accept the Plan of The Father and come to this Earth to suffer and die so that we could be saved from our weaknesses and failures. 

I know that he loves us, and understands every single one of our problems or difficulties. Go to Him. That has been His invitation from the beginning. "Come unto me" Simple words with a powerful meaning behind them. His Atonement heals, comforts, brings joy, and allows us to keep changing into the Son or Daughter that our Heavenly Father wants us to be. I'm so grateful that I am able to spread this news! He lives! I know that because I have felt it. I know that this Church is true! Love and miss you all and I hope you have a great week!! :)
             ELDER Devashrayee

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