Monday, February 24, 2014

Cooling down some - YEA! Zone temple visit and D&C 78:17-19..... 2-24-14

What a week! We have seen a ton of blessings and struggles, but that is how the mission goes and how we learn! So me and my comp get along really well, but there is one big difference between us that I have really noticed this week. He works really hard, but it has been more of a "number" search instead of a "people" search. We saw a lot of people this week because of the summer vacation coming to an end and a cool down in the weather (yea!), but I felt at times that he just wanted to gain numbers. We have talked about it, and we will see how it goes this week. I love the chance that I get to learn from every aspect of the mission. It really is a time of "schooling" in the university for the life ahead. 

But the week was also filled with a ton of great news and stories! So we had received a reference of a guy named "Ginea" but we went to the address and they said they didn't know anyone with that name. So we went back to the guy who gave us the name and he told us that the man is in a wheel chair right now with one leg. So we went back to the house again, and the people said that he was gone and wouldn't be interested... It just sounded wrong, so we asked some of the neighbors and there ended up being a passage on the side of the house that lead to another little house behind. We went back there and this guy in the wheelchair was way excited to see us! He got baptized a few years ago in Paraguay, and had been living in this little house for a few months and can't leave because the passage is too steep, and the people in front (it turns out that they are family to him...) don't help him out. We talked to him for a bit, and the day after we returned to help him clean up a few things and fix a part of his roof. We asked if he would like us to take him to church. He was so happy that we could! Yesterday we went and picked him up, and he had a great time in the church; being out of his house, and in the Lord's house. 

Yesterday Mario also showed up at church! He was finally able to go, and he is really serious about preparing and having his baptism this month! Has a special testimony of the Church, and he really does know that it is only True church of Christ here on Earth. This weekend the two daughters in the Braga Family are going to get baptized! I'm really excited for this week and how much the Lord really has been blessing us in our times of struggle.

This week we are going to the temple as a zone too! Looking forward to that, we head down on Wednesday and get to go to the temple on Thursday. I always look forward to having that experience and feeling the peace and guidance there.

I ended up coming across D&C 78: 17-19 and it really gave me an uplift. We really don't understand the Greatness of God and His blessings, but we can be of good cheer and thankful for everything that he has given us. He is always blessing us, and that will never change. He is our Father and truly loves every single one of us. He wants us to live with him for the eternities, and through the Sacrifice of His Son, our brother, Jesus Christ we have the opportunity to do it. That Atonement is truly a blessing in our lives, and is an infinite one. One that we will always be there and we will always be in debt to Him. In every moment we can take advantage of that marvelous gift and feel of the happiness of change and repentance! There isn't any greater joy! I know this Church is true and now is the time for EVERYONE to be part of it! We will only receive more blessings! Love you all and hope you have a great week! :)
                    ELDER Devashrayee

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