Monday, January 13, 2014

Investigators are Prepared for US, Obedience=Blessings, Gotta love my New HAT! 1/13/14

Another week down here on the Border!!! The four of us doing just fine in our place.
Elder Mori, Nelson, Zapata (my comp) and ME

It was a great week and things have started to pick up again with people coming back from the holidays and their vacations. We have been seeing a lot of our investigators really progressing and more than anything they are having personal experiences which is the most critical. 

An update to the family that I talked about last week.... we found out they are not married (very common down here) and are waiting for their papers to go through the government so they probably won't be able to be baptized until later, but wow is this family awesome! They have come 2 weeks in a row to all 3 hours and are participating in the classes and really asking great questions. The wife even came Saturday Morning to help clean the church with the Relief Society. It's truly a blessing to be able to work with people that are willing to change and accept Christ in their lives. The Lord really prepares. 

And that isn't the only example of that this past week. I got to do divisions with the Zone Leader, Elder Torres, in his area and it went so well! So many people were just ready to listen to us and talk to us about the Gospel. One of the lessons we had was with a less active family. Their Uncle showed up, who is part of another Church and believes in Christ. He was watching TV and we just invited him to learn more about what we believe and he sat down to listen... He sat there staring at us the whole time and after he wanted to listen to more!! 

I know that people are prepared and we really just have to invite them! One day this week was a little hard though. We went to a lesson and after we both didn't feel good about it and knew that the Spirit wasn't there. We ended up going back to the house to talk to them and we really ask Heavenly Father to help us. We left the house again feeling so much better and ended up having a very powerful lesson about the importance of prayer and going to the Lord for help. The personal experiences truly are how we build our testimony. 

Now for something really funny that happened yesterday at lunch. So we went to a Sisters house, and I really dont know her well so I just sat down and began to talk and listen waiting for the food. Well I had no Idea that she was an Etiquette Nazi! Her 9 year old son busted me for having my elbows on the table even before the food arrived! During lunch I felt like she was just watching how I cut my meat and ate the food haha. Now I know what it was like for Justin on our family Cruise last spring!! I couldn't help but think about that during the meal and after both Elder Zapata and I took a huge breath of freedom when we left. The food was great though. And it was a good reminder that people are watching us all of the time.

Got a present from one of the members!! haha I got myself a great new hat! People definitely smile over it and I just "shoot em down" with the BOM!!

But this week I had a really cool study session one morning about Obedience and Blessings. In Mosiah 2: 24 and the famous 1 Nephi 3: 7. The Lord really does give us commandments to protect us and on top of that he prepares a way for us to fulfill them. Every time we keep a commandment we are blessed immediately. Really!!! Heavenly Father prepares a way for us to be blessed and it is a law in heaven D&C 130: 20 & 21 that when we are obedient we receive those blessings. 

I know that WE are loved so much by God and Christ. They give us all these blessings of peace, happiness, as well as temporal, and most of all the Blessing of Christ and his Atonement. That is the greatest one and is the only one that gives us the opportunity to live with them again in the Celestial Kingdom. Its a blessing to repent and have the chance to be perfected here on earth and I know that the Atonement is the only way we accomplish that. I am so grateful for my Savior and the Love of my Heavenly Father to send him here to suffer so that we can return to him. Love the work and even though there are difficult times, there is always a way to look for the positive!! 
Have a great week!! Love you all!  More photos for you to enjoy!
                               ELDER Devashrayee

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