Monday, January 20, 2014

Heat messing with my mind, Painting Service Project, and New shoes :) 1/20/2014

Well this week was a really long week but we had a lot of great things! I'm going to start out with some of the funny things that have happened. It has to be the heat that is messing with my head!! But I left the other day to go out thinking that everything was great and Elder Zapata asked me ¨where is your tie?¨ yaaaaa..... I left the house with everything on (even my belt) BUT without my tie!!! That was an embarrassing 1 block walk back to the house. 

And the other was a battle with maggots that we had in our back patio. I went out to go jump rope and it smelt really bad but I just thought that it must have been something else so I just kept going. I then noticed that there was little rice sized things that were moving on the ground by my feet... I followed the trail and found this sack of something that smelled terrible. The other two missionaries didn't put their sack of old Lamb in the garbage and the Maggots were EVERYwhere! Us four had a 10 minute battle with them using bleach and all types of chemicals. Lesson learned, leftovers go in the garbage! 

This week we had a Zone Conference which went really well. We talked about the struggles we have here in Uruguay during the summer and how the work is a little harder, but we can't waste time complaining about it. President Smith made an example of being above the line, in the line and below the line. Those that are above the line are the people that work to solve the problems and make the most of things. Those in the line just work like normal and don't really find ways to do the work smarter. And those below the line just complain and don't work because of the heat or the decrease help from the members. I really liked it and made me think of the scripture in D&C 103: 36 the `recipe for victory`. 

The heat is tough, but we have still been out working and really have seen a lot of our investigators and less actives doing things like the Lord wants! The Braga family went to church for the 3 hours with their kids and we are able to meet with them a couple times during the week to share Gospel Principles and how we can apply them to our life better. We also found a 25 year old guy the other day that knew about our church but never had time to go or find out more. We had a great lesson with him and he even prayed at the end! He is an awesome guy and we are excited about working with him! 

Oh and the other day we went and painted for service.  Not sure what it is with Painting and ME... The paint was just water with this paste.... we painted the front room with other elders and the family... We got a call the next day that it turned out terrible (wonder why.. hahaha) and we have to go back and try to help them fix it up. I really hope they have something that looks more like paint than water! 

But this area was really hard for me to get used to at first but I am coming around to really love the change and how great of an opportunity it is for me to meet other people and spread the Gospel in another part of Uruguay! We get to eat lunch with members about every day. Wonderful food, I am eating well. I do think I am still losing weight though - it is HOT and I am a sweaty mess!

I know that this is the work of the Lord and the work that brings the most blessings! I know Christ Lives and is guiding this church. He is our Savior. He understands our difficulties and loves us perfectly. We can turn to Him in any moment and really feel that Love and the Healing power of His Atonement. I am so grateful for Him and the chance I have to change, feel comfort, and repent for my mistakes. And best of all I get to spread the happiness of this here! Thanks for all of the support and prayers that you have given me!! Have a great week!
                     ELDER Devashrayee
p.s. I finally found a pair of shoes that actually fit! My P-day shoes were wearing very thin. So I bought them. Thanks to those that donated towards them! They were a great belated Birthday and Christmas gift. No new photos, next time - in a hurry this week!

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