Monday, January 6, 2014

Change is good but hard and My Conversion is in progress. 1/6/14

Hope everyone had a great New Year and are ready to get going this 2014 (weird typing that...) 

Wow what a week! So to start out we have a house of 4 missionaries.. It is very interesting and definitely a lot of laughter and it will take a little bit of getting used to for me, but the other elders are great! One is from Peru and the other is from St George. Oh and there were even more Fireworks than Christmas for the New Year! We all went out onto the back patio Roof and it was NUTS!! Haha I love the Spirit they have down here! 

Changing areas is far from easy. It is really different here in Rivera than it was in Carmelo. I have to say that this past week was a little rough for me. The people here in Rivera are so nice and welcoming but nobody wants to talk with us before 5 o'clock in the afternoon because of the Siesta that they take and then with January being the month that everyone goes on vacation to the beach down south. My first two days we only had 2 lessons, that was different. 

We do have a family of 4 that accepted baptism and are preparing now! They are so awesome and really progressing. They are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. It has been fun with that! They speak Spanish and then without even realizing it they start speaking in Portuguese and only realize it when they see my face really confused! They went to all 3 hours of church this past Sunday which was a great Sacrament meeting with all of the Testimonies! 

The Bishopric asked me to go up and be the first to bear my testimony and introduce myself and while I was up there I had the weirdest flash back to doing the same exact thing in Carmelo. In that moment I realized that I really have changed a lot in both the Spanish as well as my Testimony. And then on top of that I was reading in Mosiah 5 that afternoon. The chapter talks about the conversion and how our desires change and we truly do grow closer to Christ and take his name upon our hearts through his Atonement and follow him. The verses that really got my attention were: 2, 5, 7, 8, and 12. They are all connected and really give a great outline of how we can convert ourselves. That conversion takes our whole life but I know that through small things and a desire to good always is how we can build that conversion. 

I know that I have so much to go and I'm far from perfect, but during that Sunday the Lord really did help me see the changes that I have made to grow closer to him and realize that my conversion is in progress. I love this work and I know that I was called of God to be here and work during these last days. We are spreading the happiness of finding Christ and knowing that Change only comes through Christ and his Atonement and ones desire. He loves us and completed the Atonement because of his pure love. He will always have that love for us and never wants us to struggle- go to him! I know that he is there and lives! Have a great week everyone!
                                   ELDER Devashrayee

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