Monday, December 2, 2013

Thankfulness, Iron Rod Activity, and Meekness 12/1/13

First off, hope all had a great Thanksgiving! Hope everyone thought of their many blessings and talents they have been given. I missed not celebrating it down here, the food was definitely missed!  I was explaining Black Friday to a member down here..... SO funny to see her reaction to what we do and suffer through to buy things..... gotta love the good ol Viernes Negro! Missed it this year!!!

Well the heat has officially hit here in Carmelo! Faaaa it has been cookin!! But what a great week of work we had!! Elder Toledo is such a funny guy and has so much animation and love for the work!! Every moment with him is a good moment! We are trying to work out the cleaning part :) Haha 

So we were planning for the Iron Rod activity this past week and inviting everyone we see to the event. Friday came around and we put up the rope through the whole church along with obstacles. Those that came we blind folded and then had two people leading them, one trying to deceive and the other trying to lead! It was so fun to be able to do that and see them try and figure out which voice was the good one at the beginning, even if meant running into a wall or something :) 

We made a little tree at the end of the ¨rod¨ along with a little chocolate ornament to represent the fruit. Elder Toledo and I dressed up in all white to accept them at the tree!! Our President then explained the dream and what everything represented!! For the 35 people that came it was such a great activity!!! 
                                  The "Tree of Life" with the Sisters

Then Sunday We had Fast and Testimony Meeting. The Testimony session was extremely powerful with the Spirit and one of our investigators, Julieta bore her testimony and WOW how strong it was! Everyone was still and so intently listening. The members are growing closer together along with Christ and it is seen in their faces, actions, and testimonies! 

The work has been going really well with service still. Every Saturday we have something to do and it is becoming something that those outside of the church are seeing! We were mentioned in the newspaper here for our contribution in the plaza nearby and how we fixed up us ¨Mormones¨! There is a picture of Elder Nord and the Hermanas and then a list of the names of everyone who came to help!!! Service really does go a long way and is what Christ always did! 

This past week I also had great studies of one topic for each personal study day. I studied Meek. I read D&C 1:23 and it made me want to figure out what it meant by ¨weak¨. It lead me to a full week of scripture chasing and pondering. I have a few of those scriptures and it was very interesting to study them and apply meekness to them. Helaman 3:35 Mosiah 3:19 Ether 12:27 and Moroni 8:26. Meekness truly is one of the greatest characteristic of Christ and leads to every other attribute that we might want from him. 

I know that Christ is our Savior and truly is the perfect example for us to follow and develop those characteristics. This church is His church and he is leading us through the modern day prophets we have. They speak his words so that we can understand the direction. I know that this church is true and everyone is a Child of God and it doesn't matter what anyone has done, He still loves us perfectly. The Atonement of Christ is truly a blessing in our life and we have the chance to better ourselves every day and every time we turn to Christ in Meekness we can be forgiven and receive strength. Miss you all a ton, but I am loving the work here in Uruguay! Thank you for all your support and prayers! They are felt here and give me strength! Love you all and have a great week!! :)
                           ELDER Devashrayee

Did add more photos he sent this week :)  Beautiful Country!

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