Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa Hats, Cool Experience = Gospel & Basketball finally come together, Pray - it is that simple! 12/9/13

First off, the haircut (from the photos last week) Elder Toledo gave me was so bad that a member just pulled out her little buzzer and just about shaved me bald!  Very nice of her :) Easier to take care of and cooler in this heat - but which is worse? You tell me, I have sent photos.

Well we had another great week!! There is never a dull moment with Elder Toledo and I. He is hilarious and such a good missionary too! We have fun and are able to convert the energy to others and invite the Spirit too. I love teaching with him and he is definitely a great comp! Haha we bought little Christmas hats the other day and then wore them one evening walking over to the Church for a meeting. The looks and laughs we got were great! Almost every person who saw us said something nice and left with a smile! I enjoyed being a "Flaco Papa Noel!" (Skinny Santa Claus) But we have been able to meet so many people these past few weeks and just give them a simple invitation. It is our role as missionaries. Invite and Help others come unto Christ. 
   Our  Birthday & Thanksgiving Feast (thanks Mom for the extra money to splurge with) 
and our Santa Hats :)  Great Burgers -  but it wasn't turkey!

We had a really cool experience and of course to have a REALLY cool experience it needs to include the Gospel and Basketball!! Haha Yep the day finally came when Basketball played a part! We were riding on our bikes again to go around to some of the less actives that live farther away and we passed this little fetcher playing some ball solo in front of his house. I looked at him playing longingly and once we had passed him I had a feeling that we should go back and play but in my head I was telling myself, "Is this feeling just me really wanting to go play again (especially after hearing that Brighton and the Bball season has started up again) or is this something different that I am feeling". Elder Toledo then turned to me and said in his English "I know you want to go play" and then said that he felt we should go too. So we went back and played on the 8 foot mini hoop (better than nothing) and this chico was good too! He also got to dunk for his first time with a little boost up :) He was stoked! After we asked if his parents were there and he went and got his mom. She came out and said that she saw us playing and was really grateful for our time with him and she will bring him over for our sports night. 

We are going to go visit them again this week and I don't know if something will happen or not, but there was a good experience planted and they were able to 'meet the church' and know that we are there and really just trying to serve and do good works! That is something that I have learned. It doesn't have to be a huge miracle that the Spirit whispers to us. EVERYTHING good is of the Lord and the way the Spirit works is always good whether it be a little wave, cleaning a yard, or playing some ball with a kid! 

Yesterday we were able to have President Smith come to our Rama to do interviews for the temple. The branch here in Carmelo has planned this next Saturday a trip to the temple, and after all the interviews President gave us permission to go with our Rama!!! "There is no way that I could keep you two missionaries here from going with your Rama!" Way excited to be able to go the Temple this week!! And this upcoming week is going to be great! We have a Conference with Walter Gonzalez de la 70, baptisms Friday, and the temple Saturday!!! I will let you know how it all goes! 

I have two scriptures this week from D&C chapter 10 that were both really powerful to me. Verses 5 and 33. The power of prayer really is amazing and is what we have to keep us on the path. Satan is out in full force to try and tear us down, especially through our testimonies. He wants us to stumble, doubt what we have, and leave that Rock of Christ that we have built on. He doesn't want us to be a part of this work in the last days and is trying with everything he has to make us fall. I know that through sincere prayer we WILL overcome him and only strengthen our testimony of our Heavenly Father and prayer. I know that he really does listen to us and answers our prayers. He is waiting there to hear from us and bless us. Pray! It is a simple request he has asked us because he truly does love us. We receive blessings, answers, guidance, comfort through praying, why not do it? I am loving the work and truly appreciate all the support and love you have given me!! Have a great week and lets start up that Christmas Spirit!
                                           ELDER Devashrayee

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