Monday, December 16, 2013

Guided by Leaders, Baptisms, Temple Session - a very lucky week! 12/16/13

First off, some answers to some common questions I have been getting: We do most of our own laundry by hand except for the white shirts- a member does that for us once a month usually.
We cook all our own meals except for lunches Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Lots of rice and milk, unless we splurge :)  We get about 150 bucks a month to use and it is for food, travel to meetings, stuff for our activities with the the Rama, and other things that we have to do as a Zone.  I haven't eaten anything extremely crazy yet (or at least that I know about). It has been really good actually! I have been getting a little chubby in the mid section..... not happy about that hahahaha.  Wow it has been hot down here......... sweating a ton!!! Maybe that will help the mid section. This could explain some of the mid section problems :)
Great on anything, but incredible all by itself! Doesn't last long!!!

Another Great Week!! Loved it! So we had a Conference with half the mission in Montevideo Wednesday and it went great!!! I got to see my MTC Comp Elder McRae.  Gonzalez from the 70 and his wife had a great message for us here in Uruguay! It was great to be reaffirmed that our work is going well and how we can do the work even better! I guess with some more focus on the Reactivation, some missionaries are worried about baptizing because they might go inactive after. He clarified to us all that we as missionaries are the ONLY ones that can open the doors of baptism and it is our first role. Every person has the choice to stay active and we are supposed to be a support for them in that process. Loved the Conference! 

Then we were able to do Divisions with our Zone Leaders the next day! Loved seeing other forms of teaching and it went really well!! We met a ton of people and had great lessons!! One of the Elders is actually from St Geezy- Elder Bulloch! He is an awesome missionary and it was great to be able to go out with him. 

Then Friday came. The day with another 2 baptisms!!! Niko this 9 year old kid who has been making so much progress and really has grown up a ton these past 4 months that I have been here. The other was Eduardo. He has been investigating for a long time because his wife is a member. He told us a while ago that after the surgery on his wife he would get baptized. Well the surgery went perfectly and she is healing rapidly! They also have a goal as a family to go to the temple in one year to be sealed as a family! Us and the hermana missionaries sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" at the baptism and the Spirit was so strong. Everyone there felt the power and we were reminded about the power of the family and how we really can be together for the eternities. Eduardo had the biggest smile and talked the most I have ever seen him talk! This family is amazing and I am so grateful that I could be here to see them grow closer together as a family and set that goal to be sealed! (photo included in the link under Carmelo)

And speaking of Temples... Saturday was quite the day going through the temple!! So to start off while we were going to Montevideo one of the Sisters in our Rama got sick on the bus and started shaking really bad, so we had to stop and go to the nearest hospital. She ended up being ok just had really high blood pressure. Got back on the road but we had missed our first session so we had to split the Rama up and half go earlier and the other half go later. 

Us and the Hermanas were given the 3 o clock session so we had some time to be able to go and talk with the President's Wife! What a treat that was! She had a TON of food and it was amazing! I already had my Christmas dinner I think :) She is such an awesome lady and truly does love us so much! 
Mini Marshmallow Fun at the Mission Home

After it was temple time :) It was so nice to be able to go through and have a chance to be at peace and think clearly of things that I can do better and receive answers to things in my life as well as what we can do better here in Carmelo! Definitely love being in the House of the Lord!! Even with the difficulties in arriving we had a great time and people left uplifted and fortified!! 

I know that we need that fortification in every aspect of our lives. We are constantly being tempted and attacked by the adversary. 2 Nephi 4: 27-30. We don't have time to let Satan get to us. We need to work to make ourselves better and more Christ-like every day. There is only one constant that will give us that strength to do that- turning to our Heavenly Father and Christ. 

During these times of celebration and enjoyment of the Birth of Christ we should give them a gift through trusting in them more and following Their direction for us, as well as be grateful for the Sacrifice that Christ made for EVERY single person. His love for us incredible! I know that this work is true and I am loving every minute of it!! Love you all!!!
                               ELDER Devashrayee

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