Monday, November 4, 2013

Hosting a Cooking Class, First Baptism, Carmelo is being blessed... 11/4/13

Well another crazy week of weather, news, work, and members! We had a huge storm roll through and the streets were literally rivers. I was so glad to have my boots. The nice part about that is the weather has actually stayed pretty cool and the summer won't be as brutally long like everyone has been saying. 

So for one of our activities this past week we had a night for people to come and learn how to make something North American. We showed them how to make Lemon Bars and the Hermana Missionaries in our area translated the recipe into Spanish to give to those that came. It has been way fun to have been learning how to cook better with Chef Nord around and the Lemon Bars were amazing! 
 If anyone has Ideas for cheap, easy "American" meals let me know! 
We are always searching for new things to make and try out! For us and for the class.

The next day I went on splits and I got to stay in our area and go around leading my companion! It was an interesting exchange because he only has 1 more change than me so the Spanish part was a little bit of a worry for us when we started but it ended up going really well and it was fun to be able to play a little bit of charades to figure out what they were saying exactly! :) 

The next day was another great one as we set up for the Halloween party at the Church with a little scavenger hunt, bobbing for apples, and then a Karaoke. I went as a soccer player, Argentine one, I was really thinking outside the box on that one! Everything went really well and turned out to be an activity that people want to do again especially the Karaoke  We have been trying really hard to have activities that people will enjoy and include little testimonies of the Gospel or comparisons from what we are doing to the teachings of Christ. It has been fun being able to have activities and be thinking of new ways to help people have experiences at the church and grow!! 

We had 43 in church and that was even missing a family who the mother went in for surgery that Saturday. She is doing great and the tumor was taken out from behind her eye without a problem! So the investigator that accepted fecha (date to be baptized) has been growing so much!! She really is a different person and it is so easy to see it in her demeanor and how much she is dedicated to overcoming her addiction. The Gospel is truly changing her life! 

Sorry I had to leave in a rush to catch the next bus so I couldn't finish haha. I will send a photo of my first baptism that I was able to do on the mission last Saturday! It was an investigator of the sister Missionaries and I had the opportunity to Baptize her!  It was awesome and a little nerve racking too, but was a special experience!

We are seeing miracles here and Carmelo is changing!! La Iglesia De JesuCristo es verdedera y la se que sin duda. Podemos llegar a ser como nuestro Salvador por medio de siguiendo los mandamientos que nos ha dado para nuestro beneficio. La Expìacion fue efectuado por nosotros para que podamos arrepentirnos de los errores y pecados hemos hecho. Se que Seremos bendecido por nuestros esfuerzos. Se ve en la iglesia los que están disfrutando esta vida para prepararlos por la vida que viene. Testifico que oracìon es tan poderoso y realmente nos communicamos con Dios. Les Amo mucho y espero que tengan una semana marvillosa!!  
                                     ELDER Devashrayee

I don't read Spanish, so I copied and pasted what he wrote on a site that translates for you, to get a "jest" of what he was saying.  Here is what it translated to... Keep in mind that it isn't 100% :)
The Church of Jesus Christ is presented and is without doubt. We can become like our Savior by following the commandments which he has given us for our benefit. Atonement made by us so that we may repent from errors and sins we have done. If that we will be blessed by our efforts. I have seen in the Church who are enjoying this life to prepare them for life coming. I testify that prayer is so powerful and really we communicate with God. I love you all very much and hope that you all have a marvelous week.  

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