Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goodbye to Elder Nord, Miracles around us, Ether 12 11/19/13

I don't have much time today because of all the craziness with Changes and Elder Nord leaving so I don't know if this letter will be very long and I will have to send the pictures next week with my new comp and everything! I am staying here in Carmelo! 

But this past week has been a crazy good one! We had 52 people in church Sunday because everyone wanted to come and listen to Elder Nord speak... haha.  Wow were they smart to come! The Spirit WAS SO STRONG in there and I really don't think one person didn't at least tear up. So many came up after and told us that they wanted to start coming back and have callings and prepare to go to the temple!!! The miracles have been incredible! One lady who has only been twice in the past 6 months came and after Sunday she went to work the next day, came home, and told us that she wants to start preparing to go the temple and wants to talk with our Branch President!!! I cannot believe the changes that are taking place here! 

I am so appreciative of all that Elder Nord has done and his Spirit and Love for the people here! He has truly been following the Spirit and showing that love and desire to see them happy and people are returning! I have learned so much from him and I won't be the only one that misses him and that's a FACT! Everyone loves the guy and hope I can keep doing what he did and keep the work moving forward with my new comp! 

So excited for the future and being able to bring more into in the Arms of Christ for this Christmas Season and the Birth of our Savior! Truly so grateful for the blessings and miracles that are happening here! We had two baptisms Saturday too! Both of them were so happy to be able to be baptized and are gong to make huge differences in their lives and in helping the Rama grow and strengthen! It really makes me think of Faith and Works. There is no way Faith and sitting around will bring to pass miracles. It only comes through our hard work and trusting in the Savior that HE WILL make up for our weaknesses and failures. Faith is key for all and truly with it we can do anything that the Lord asks of us. 

Ether 12 was such a great chapter to read and study this past week. There are weaknesses in everyone but that only means we have more opportunity to grow and become better! Read this chapter and ponder on ways that you can better YOURSELF and then think of ways you can help others become better too! Do the Works with the Faith and great things will come to pass! 

Time to meet a new comp and he is Latino too! My Spanish is going to be getting a lot better this change :) Love you all and truly hope you are enjoying life and the time we have here to be happy, grow, and come closer to Christ and our Father in Heaven! Have a great week! and smile too ;)
                        ELDER Devashrayee

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