Monday, November 25, 2013

Birthday Dinner, Elder Toledo, Work side by side to do the work.... 11/25/13

First off, thanks for all of the birthday wishes!  I had a big bowl of sweet rice and milk... note the candle I even got to blow out!  It was a good day!!!

What a crazy week!! So now I understand why missionaries never look forward to change week, haha it was chaos!! I went down to Colonia with Elder Nord and we had to sleep in the church there for our last night together as Comps - Describes our 2 changes running around and no beds - remember the bed of chairs - night 2 on them! But he left early Wednesday morning and I waited there in the Bus Terminal with the other missionaries to get our new comps! My new comp is Elder Toledo from Chile! he has been in the mission for 8 months and is 19 years old too! He was in a heavy metal band and still has the scream for it, really took me off guard the first time he did it. 

It has been a long first week and my brain has been fried from thinking in Spanish 24/7  but I can already see a difference in my Spanish so I'm grateful for it! He knows English too so he tries to talk to me in English every once in awhile which has been really funny! His trainer was Elder Jake Davis from my home Stake! I thought that was way cool to have another connection here down in Uruguay! 

Got a young crew here in Carmelo though!! He is an awesome comp and we will keep working hard to bring to pass the work here! There is definitely one difference that has already been noted... It is going to be a messier house this change. He isn't like Elder Nord in how he is organized and cleans but He has a ton of animo (spirit) and is always looking for ways to make the work.... work better, that is really what is important! We even organized with other missionaries in our District to come to Carmelo yesterday night and go out to the houses of less actives to invite them to the activities we are having at the church! It was great! Found a lot of people and left a ton of invites for them with the 8 companionship's that swept through the town!! Hopefully we see results from this effort! 

We have also seen a ton of miracles this week! Two people are preparing to be baptized this December!! And another one of our investigators can now come to church because her parents finally let her and are beginning to have their hearts softened! She 16 and has an amazing testimony of the Gospel and the Holy Ghost! We are going to be working with her and now we can talk to her parents and maybe they will feel of the truthfulness and want to be baptized too! 

I know that these are the days for our work to be hastened in EVERY member of the Church! There is no time to waste! Get involved in missionary work! Be looking for ways to visit less actives and helping them out, showing them that we care for them, and serve them. There isn't time to waste and I have already seen the blessings of having members work side by side with us! 

I know that this Gospel is True and there is no doubt in my mind that Christ and our Heavenly Father love us. The Gospel of Christ changes lives and brings miracles to everyone who has faith and truly wants to come closer unto Christ. His Atonement is for everyone and that will never change. No matter how serious of the sin or how lost we may feel, He is always there for us and wants us to take his hand and lift us from our despair. Moroni 7:33 sums this up. If we have faith in him. We CAN do anything to change our lives for the better. Love you all and Miss seeing you guys! But the mission has been such a blessing and being able to spend time serving the Lord every day to help others see the true happiness that comes from this Gospel!! Have a great week!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I have a lot to be thankful for!
                                    ELDER Devashrayee

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