Monday, November 11, 2013

Bacon Pizza, Addictions in life, Firm in our Callings, Armour of God 11/11/13

What a booster of a week!!! The weeks just move and it is only faster when I am busy and having a blast doing it!! So last week after P Day everyone here in the Colonia Zone went to Mercedes to meet up with that Zone and have Zone Conference with President Smith and his APs! I'm an, oro, or a "nubee", so after everyone got there I had to go up and bear my testimony in front of them! I was pretty nervous but it went really well and I got to hear the other oros give theirs too! But that Conference really just gives you such a boost of energy and excitement from hearing President speak inspired words and give us suggestions on how we can do better in our work here! 

When we had our last "change" a shirt was made. Finally got a photo of it to send.  That is me right above the "sun" along with Elder El Bakri :)  Can you find Elder Nord???

After we had bacon pizza and it was sooo good!! It gave us the strength to win the tug of war battle. We split up into 3 teams for each Zone and Colonia went 3-0!!! After the meeting before our bus left we walked around the city and Elder Nord got to talk to his converts and members that he worked with in his first months of his mission!! It was so cool to see people and the excitement they had to see him! He was so happy to be able to get back there before he left and be able to communicate well with them too. 

The things in Carmelo are still going great! Another week with people coming to church and really becoming firm in their callings. Our investigator is still on track to be baptized this Saturday and she really wants to be able to do it too! She just needs to hold out strong on quitting smoking. The addictions of this life really are so strong and I can't imagine how much more difficult it would be to overcome them without the help or hope of the Gospel and Christ! 

We also have this kid, 13 yrs old Edgar, that is planning on getting baptized too! I have known him since the first day I got here and he has grown so much! He even drew this picture for me and gave me this half coin he cut out! The kid has a lot of energy but really has a huge heart to do what is right. He isn't afraid to pray in front of others and is learning the lessons and remembering them too! Whenever the baptism is he asked me if I would baptize him! 

Things have been going so well and Carmelo is turning the Corner and I am lucky enough to be right in the middle of this change! Miracles are happening and families are growing closer together. Those who have been doing their own things for the past years are coming back to Christ and realizing that the true happiness comes from doing this! So grateful for this opportunity to be able to Spread the Word of God here in Uruguay. 

My scripture this week is in 2nd Nephi 25: 25-29. Such a reminder of everything Christ has done for us and how we should do all we can to share the happiness that comes from His life and sacrifice for us. I know that this church is His Church and there is no doubt that he is leading it. These last days are when we are going to be tried the most and like Conference said: Satan is out in full power deceiving and trying to bring down those who doubt and lose faith. Lets fight against that! Lets build our Faith and Testimony and truly put on that Armour that will protect us! Love you all and hope everyone is doing well too!! Have a great week! 
                                            ELDER Devashrayee

Added more photos again this week - love it when he sends photos.  There is a Zone Conference photo - Elder El Bakri is in it also!

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