Monday, October 21, 2013

So Blessed, Graffiti Artist, Charity - Pure Love of Christ..... 10/21/13

He was able to send some new photos this week. Take a look under the Carmelo link. He got his first mission hair cut (BUZZZ)!

Crazy how much things change in just a short few months... I have been looking back this week and thanking my Heavenly Father for everything that I have been given. It is amazing how much love and patience he has with us! 

We had a great week here in Carmelo! People are starting to change and those attending church have been having great experiences with it too! The Spirit here is so much happier and it shows in the willingness they have to serve others and fulfill their callings! We had a service project this past Saturday in this small plaza that really needed some fixing up and painting. While we were doing it, kids of all ages started to come in and help us paint and were so interested in us ´blancos´  especially Elder Nord the "good ol´ rubio"! We had the opportunity to talk to them about the church and invite them to sports and the activities we are having at the church. We were also able to discuss the help that following Christ will bring in their lives. There are so many who truly will listen to us, we just need to open our mouths and Invite them! I had my first experience with Graffiti! It was approved and all of the kids loved putting their mark in the park as well.

Along with that experience there have been many great lessons this week with members who are really struggling with problems and trials in their life. The power of Prayer and gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon, the KEY to our church, is incredible. The Spirit can always be there with simple statements of truth and testifying of these things. There are changes in the hearts of Menos Activos (less actives), feelings of excitement for investigators, and strengthening testimonies of the faithful members! Carmelo is taking a turn for the better and the Lord has truly been blessing us in our efforts and leading us to those that need us most! 

This week I came across 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 and how strong this chapter hit me. Charity and Love are absolutely essential! Without them we are literally nothing and not able to feel the Spirit as much as we would have. Christ was Serving and Loving and is STILL serving and loving in every moment. There is a reason that Charity is called the Pure Love of Christ!! Love you all and hope that everyone is doing well!!
                                       ELDER Devashrayee
p.s. Since I am newer out here and most of the other Elders have been here for a while, I was able to pack more 'lively' ties with the new guideline change.  My colorful ties are great conversation starters! Love them! 

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