Monday, October 28, 2013

Service opens many doors, Constant Up-lifter, BE HAPPY! 10/28/13

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS hahaha that is so sweeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!! BHS BHS !!! Congrats Girls Soccer for taking State!  Good luck Football at State! Bengal Train for me.....

What a week!!! Wow Carmelo is turning the corner! There have been so many blessings and miracles this past week!! We have been having activities every night in the church as a way to invite people to OUR territory haha. They have been doing really well and the members are becoming closer than ever! 

The biggest miracle this week came from this. We received a notice that a family had a house fire and the clothes of their kids got burnt in it. We informed others to come and help us separate and organize some extra clothes that were gathered at the church for them. The friend of the family that told us ended up being an investigator of the Church for a long time but never committed to anything. We talked with her once when I first got here and since then we haven't really been able to contact her until the fire came around. She came to the church and helped and enjoyed the atmosphere because we were having fun, talking normally, and giving service. We went by her house the next day to talk with her and her whole demeanor changed! She was bright and really talkative about it all. We shared our lesson and by the end we knew that we needed to ask her again if she would be baptized... She Accepted!!! She is going to be taking the steps necessary to reach her goal and going to overcome her addiction to smoking too! We set the date for the Saturday before Elder Nord leaves because she wants him to be at her baptism because of how persistent and kind he has been to her! What a blessing that comes from service and having a constant place like the Church to have us meet at and enjoy each others company!! 

We then had 45 in church Sunday and we were thrilled!! People who hadn't come for weeks, months, years were there for Sacrament meeting!! The Spirit is changing here and I am lucky enough to be a part of this! My companion has been a great example of never giving up on someone and being a constant up-lifter for all! We have a lot of work these next 3 weeks before he leaves and we want to do all we can! 

The scripture this week is Mosiah 2:41 Such an amazing promise that is given there and we have the chance to receive those blessings! The Church is truly a rock that we have the ability to choose if we are going to build our testimony on it. At times it may fall, but that only means we need to build it up stronger! The Atonement of Christ is infinite and was done out of pure love for us. I am so grateful that I can be here serving in these times and build my own personal testimony of this Gospel. Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy. True happiness comes from following his Commandments and Living the principles taught to us in the scriptures and through the living Prophets too! Love you all and have a great week!
                                 ELDER Devashrayee

He sent a few photos again this week - see the Carmelo link to enjoy them.... some classics :)

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