Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Overstuffed Pain, Faith of 16 & 11 year olds, Two Powers - 10/8/13

What a week!!! I can't believe that my "first change"** has come to an end!! (That's why I'm emailing on a Tuesday, by the way mom - I didn't just forget ;) haha) But time keeps moving and it is October already and unlike you guys with snow it is starting to warm up here and I am actually kind of excited for it, even though I know I will take that back in a few weeks here! 

Last P day we met as a Zone and went to this All You Can Eat pizza place in Colonia!! The pizza here is more like bread sprinkled with cheese but it was great! I ate so much and it felt great to have that overstuffed pain again hahaha. We also took some pictures at this business who does 'old fashioned' photos and when we get them back I will take a picture of it and send it your way! 

So this past Conference Weekend I was not able to watch Conference which was a huge let down but we will watch it as a Rama this next Saturday and Sunday! From what some of the other missionaries have said it sounds like a great Conference focused so much on the Missionary Work that the WHOLE Church is needing to do!! Cant wait to see it! 

We had divisions this past Saturday and I was with Elder Mar who is from Mexico and only speaks Spanish. It was a great 24 hours of just Spanish and I was actually really grateful for that opportunity! He also has some crazy stories from his childhood in the Mexican Mofia/Gang. I enjoyed hearing those a lot! 

Nothing really big happened other than one of our investigators that has been wanting to get baptized for over a month but her parents won't let her because her father is the pastor of his own Church and her mom says we are just all lies. Julieta our Investigator has such incredible Faith! She told her parents that she knew that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was the church she needed to go and her Father had two other pastors come and pretty much interrogate her and she just told them "I don't know the scriptures as well as you but I DO KNOW that I have received an answer through the Holy Ghost that the Church of Jesus Christ is true and nothing will change that. Nothing you say will take away the feelings that I have felt." What a testimony builder to hear that from a 16 year old girl who is just going to wait until she is old enough to legally do what she wants, reading the scriptures, praying, fasting, and talking to the missionaries too! Talking to her the other day had such a strong spirit! She has a boyfriend who is a member and he is definitely Kapo! Such a strength for her and when he bore his Testimony it was very strong as well! 

We had Fast and Testimony meeting this past Sunday and it was great to see 35 people there including a guy who hadn't come to church in over a year! He came to the Baptism last week and we talked to him and asked him to come and he finally did!! We also had Ivan the 11 year old who just barely got baptized and he gave his 1st testimony in church! Great to hear a simple pure testimony of Recent Convert! I love the Testimony Sundays! 

My Scripture this week is in DC 64 33-34. Things are brought to pass with small things that build upon each other for those that are willing to open their minds and hearts to the Savior. It is our decision to either trust in the Lord and come to him with all we have, or turn away. The world is full of two powers: The good Spirit of the God, or the Evil Spirit of the Devil. We need to fortify ourselves and build on that Foundation of Christ continually. It really is a foundation that supports the house we build on it with our own experiences,obedience, faith, repentance, and charity. Love and miss you all and hope you have another great week! 
                                ELDER Devashrayee

** First Change: This was explained in another one of his emails... It occurs every 6 weeks and is the day when Elders change companionship's, move areas, etc..  He is still with Elder Nord and is still in Carmelo.  Elder Nord will leave to go home at the next "change" so Travis will end up with a new companion and possibly sent to a new area.... When these occur all Elders then have P-day on Tuesday. He sent new photos - click Carmelo to view them.

                        The Carmelo Zoo Building they have been painting on their Service day's.

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