Monday, October 14, 2013

"I am Uruguayan", Spanish clicking, Teaching families, Re-read Conference talks - 10/14/13

This week was incredible!!! But now Soy Uruguayo!!! Firme mis Papeles de Residencia Hoy!!!  Haha, I traveled down to Montevideo to become a legal resident and sign my papers! A relief to feel that now I'm not running from the Government.

How great it is the opportunity we have to watch Conference and truly hear the words from the Profets of God. I know I am a week late but this past weekend catching up and watching all the sessions was so great!! There is a reason that Pres Monson said this was one of the most powerful, and inspirational Conferences he has attended!! So true. The Spirit was so strong and centered on Mission Work along with the strengthening of Family. Those two things are the center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and it was definitely stressed so much! 

Well this week along with Conference I have felt the greatest increase in my Spanish. All of the sudden I am able to put together conversations with little mistake, just a little slower then the Natives, but it was starting to catch! This new change I have more responsibility with helping with the lessons and being more integral in the delivering of them. We actually had a lesson with the Familia Isnardi whom I love so much. We talked about the temple and how significant it is. I joined in more on the lesson and the Spirit was so strong there! The two parents then showed up to church on Sunday!!!! What a feeling it is to see those less actives step into the sacrament meeting and start to come back to that true happiness they felt earlier in their lives. 

We then had a Family Home Evening with another Family about the Plan of Salvation. It was also so strong and the husband accepted the invitation to be baptized in a month!! Hopefully he continues along with everything and reaches that goal we have set with him! Teaching those two lessons which were focused on Family were so strong, and then to have that reaffirmed in the Conference Sessions was such a boost! 

There are changes coming here in Carmelo and people are starting to accept new callings in the church and the Rama Prez here is really building a place of peace and love that used to be of contention and un-forgiveness. 

My thought for this week is for all to go back and watch one of the talks from Conference for family night if you can. This WILL strengthen you and bring you ways to become better in different areas of your life. Take notes on what you feel and then do them! I promise you all that I will be reading them once I get the magazine this next month. This invitation isn't empty. It is something that I will be doing too and it will only strengthen your testimony and Faith in Christ. I Promise you this! Love you all and thanks for the support and love and prayers!! Push Forward and don't look back at what you have done! Look forward to what you still need to do!! Have a great week :)
                   ELDER Devashrayee

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