Monday, September 30, 2013

Talk, Confirmation and Grab HIS arm...... 9/30/13

First off a few important side comments:  Glad to hear that Coach Shell is back!! He can't stay away from it! Please tell all of the basketball coaches hello from me. I am really missing not playing "real basketball" down here with all of the soccer fanatics! Trying to stay in shape! Brighton Football team - Congrats on taking down ALTA - that has been a long time coming. Bingham will be a test this week!! Best of luck to all of you and keep the season going! I do get bits of updates about the other sports as well, keep representing Brighton well! 

Well This week was absolutely crazy. We settled the contracts for the two houses and then had the missionary couple come from Montevideo to make the final signature. After that we were helping our Rama president and his wife move all of their stuff to the new house and made runs to buy new things too. Our contract was also finished and we moved all of our stuff from the old house to the new one. This house is small but really nice and comfortable. We cleaned the old house and organized the new house. On top of this... Elder Nord is pretty sick. He has been coughing and wheezing every night (which wakes me up because I think he is dying, haha) and it has been almost the whole week with this deep congestion. We are both dead tired from the past week with regards to that. 

Saturday was a huge relief for us though. We got a call Friday night from the family of members that was going to be having their twins and their other daughter baptized. They asked that I would give a talk at the service. My heart dropped. I couldnt believe that they asked me out of all the other people in their family. I was very grateful for the opportunity though and I think it went pretty well! 

Then another huge surprise Sunday came. The little girl of the twins asked me right before the meeting started if I would confirm her. Once again I was a bit surprised! Who knows if everyone could understand me, but I could definitely feel the power of the Spirit there. The family is awesome, and I am so glad that I could be a part of those special times for them. 

I was reading during the week in 1 Nephi again and in chapter 17:8 this scripture really stood out to me. The Lord is telling Nephi to build a ship and he has no idea how to. But the way this verse is worded really struck me. It refers to 'I' and that is the Lord saying it. He will lead them to build the boat correctly if Nephi will just follow his counsel and do it. Just like us with the Commandments. Christ then says he will carry them across the waters. Those waters truly can represent our life here, and if we will just turn to him and do all we can, He will carry us through the hard times and be there with us to enjoy the good times. I know that He has an arm extended always for us to just grab. His Atonement and Love cover all. Not one thing or one wave or one storm in our life can't be overcome if we turn to our Lord. 

I know that He is living and His true, perfect Gospel is here on the Earth for us to follow. Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ and restored Their Gospel here for us. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve because that is all Christ did. That service doesn't always have to be teaching or preaching. He served to help others grow and feel of his love. Love you all!!! Wish the best this next week and enjoy the beginning of October...... So weird to say that.
                        ELDER Devashrayee

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