Monday, September 23, 2013

Hard work is Refreshing, PRIDE and Try Our Best! 9/23/13

No new photos today to send. We are down in a different city for the day. Well this past week has been a great one! We found the two houses we were looking for and now the whole process is out of our hands until we are told to start moving! It looks like it might be this week, so the Miskeeter net will be coming down soon unfortunately. It's a love hate relationship with that thing. Tricky to get up and deal with it but glad it is up!

The best part about that searching process ending was we finally had a few days that were totally for the Missionary Aspect of things. We could feel a difference and the numbers just added to the proof. At the end of the first FULL day of missionary work we talked about how refreshing that was.  It was so weird to lay down to go to bed and think that we had just been talking about a hard, long day as ¨refreshing¨. That's truly what the work does though!! 

We also had a HUGE change here in Carmelo. The old president of the Rama (branch) could only be there on Sundays during the Block of Church because he works in Buenos Aires... so it was difficult to work with him and the Rama was suffering from it. President Smith called a missionary couple from a different part of Uruguay to come to our town and be the new President!! It was great to greet them and to have a meeting the first night they arrived to talk about the Rama and have them tell us how they want to start working with us. President Ruiz Diaz and his spouse are really animated with the work and me, Elder Nord, and the Hermanas were so animated too!!! Things will be moving quicker now that we have a strong leadership to guide with inspiration!! 

Nothing crazy happened this week other than I learned that Elder Nord is a Chef. Haha!!! Last P Day for dinner he made some coconut curry chicken over rice!! I was just the cutter and cleaner that night. Perfect fit.

We had a service project at the Zoo again this week (the place is going to be nicer than Hogle Zoo soon).  This time we painted the buildings white! It was a great experience because we got 15 other people from the Rama there! Huge success and they had a great time working with us too! 

The Spanish is really kicking my butt right now. I can understand a lot, especially when they slow down a little, but the response part is pretty hard for me. I just know if I keep studying and trying it will come! Patience. 

But this week I was reading the Libro De Mormon more and I was reading about Nefi´s dream. I read chap 11: 36 and it stood out so strongly to me in Spanish. I could envision this huge building falling, which represents the Pride of the world. That building would smash anyone inside AS WELL AS those who were near the building. It just stood out to me even more that we really do need to rid ourselves of all pride because even if we aren't inside the building it could still take us down in it's ¨great fall¨. The pride cycle is throughout the Book of Mormon and is obviously a huge obstacle for us to over come, but God wants to keep reminding us to watch it. 

I know that this church is true. There is no other happiness like the happiness that is felt when we are trying our best to follow our Savior. Everyday we need to find something we want to make better in our life and DO IT. The Atonement is there for those who come short, but only after we have done all we can!! Love you all and hope everyone is healthy!! Until next week God be with you!!! :)
                          ELDER Devashrayee

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