Monday, September 9, 2013

Frankenstein Talk, Missionary Hunger and Start TODAY.... 9/9/13

Sorry I don't have any pics this week because we are in a different city for a conference tomorrow morning and I forgot my cord to send them! Next week though I will! It is much busier in the mission than the CCM. Double D that is awesome you are playing!! Keep it up and tell the WHOLE TEAM hi for me! You all need to keep winning and get that Title! Justin that's what you get when you go to a BYU game!! Are your shoes dry yet? By the way Elder El Bakri is in my area now and I will see him every Sunday, it has been fun to see a familiar face.

This past week was a great one! We had a lot of time with the members and I think we are going to be turning around the attendance here soon! Nothing crazy cool happened other than I can actually understand 75 percent of what they say now, even though I can't really reply that well and the Uruguayos think that it is hilarious too! I'm loving the people and they really are so nice and giving, once you get past that Latin pride. 

The best part this week was we went to Colonia to have a district wide meeting with the 8 branches in our section and It was really good! The speakers spoke clearly for everyone to understand except for this older guy who I swear just mumbled while at the same tone the whole time, kinda like Frankenstein. Don't think anyone even understood him, not just me. It was a different style of Stake Conference though. There would be 5 random people from the crowd picked to come up and bear their testimony and I really liked how it kept everyone on their toes and focused on feeling the Spirit!! We ought to have this kind back home for our Stake Conferences!!  

President Smith then talked and he really got everyone, who came, excited to press the work forward and hasten the work too! Hopefully the members who came will be ready to help us more with the other less actives so we can change the attendance of 30 people each Sunday out of 500 members to 90-100 over the next month. 

The food has been incredible down here though and I am really surprised by it! They have a lot of pasta and love chicken and hamburger! I only wish I could have more of it, haha.  I have been learning the missionary hunger that I will have the whole time here even though I have a little more of gut.......... don't understand it!! 

There is one thing that I have noticed a lot over the past week is how much Satan is really trying to attack the Family structure. Those that don't come or don't want to listen have almost all had some sort of family problem. As I was reading in Alma 28 the versus 2-6 stood out even more. Not as a literal battle, but a spiritual battle in the last days. It will be the time with the most mourning and ¨deaths¨ and the family will be the one that is attacked the most. I had such a strong feeling about this and I wanted to share it with everyone! I want the best for my family as well as the rest of you. Family is the Plan of Salvation. Family is more than just a unit, It is an Eternal Unit that needs to function and work to be that. 

We have been challenging everyone to work out their problems and start today. Hoy es el Dia!!- Our Uruguay Montevideo Oeste motto!! I love you all and I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. I have felt the Lord´s mercy this week when I had times of sadness or trail not knowing how to speak and I have just turned to him. He is WAITING for us to come to him and help. This Church is His Church and things work in His time. This is the time where we all need to step up and help him press the work forward. Love you all and hope everyone is having the best of time this new school year and fall! It is starting to get a little warm down here... Haha pit tacos and swamp rear here I come!! God be with you all!!                      ELDER Devashrayee

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