Monday, September 16, 2013

Desperado, Caballito and Be an Example Always - 9/16/13

If you haven't been on the "Desperado" roller-coaster in Prime, NV (just outside of Las Vegas) then you need to ride it! You will only need to ride it ONCE to understand his comparison. Also, uploaded more photos, you can find the links to the right - MTC photos and Carmelo ones. He is starting to put in Spanish words here and there, so I have tried to translate, added the English words in (Italics). Lisa

Well this whole Week I felt Like I rode the Desperado!!!! What a roller-coaster! So last week was pretty hot and I was in short sleeve shirts and actually sweating... but then a huge storm came in over night and It has not left!! Just rain and rain and rain. The funny thing is how rain to the people here is like the end of the world!! They just stay inside or wait in their cars for 10-15 minutes until it calms down a little bit. We are honestly the only ones even on the streets during the day. 

On top of that this week we were told from President Smith that we needed to start looking for another house here for another pair of missionaries. So as we left our house to start looking, right then our owner was walking in and told us that we have to move out in a month because she is going to give it to her son so he can be more independent... I'm glad independence still means she could yell through the wall at him :) This didn't make any sense to us, we had a good laughed about that later.
So then we were out looking for 2 houses to rent. Could have used you Mom! The Realtors here have no idea what they are doing. I felt like I could do their job!! 1. they go with us 2. open the house 3. say something like ¨this is great huh¨ 4. and then tell us the price. It was interesting!! 

But then we found out that we are having a missionary couple coming up to our area to be the Rama Pres (Branch President)!! They will be great and we definitely need them! It will push the work forward more and we think that the Rama will be more united and help us try and recover. It was great news and we might just get one bigger house and split it with all of us. Not sure what is going to happen yet but the house search is still on. 

Cool experience though with this. We went into one Inmobiliaria (Real Estate Company) and talked to a lady about houses and half way through she started talking about how she sees us all the time walking the city streets in nice clothes and was wondering what exactly we do. Right there in her office while she is working we had a lesson!! We talked about how we are doing the Lord´s Work and spreading the news about the Restored Gospel and the Church of Christ is here on the Earth. We also talked about family and how central the unit is to the Plan! We are children of God in one big family, and we are here on Earth with our families to progress together and have happiness! So simple, but there in her office we felt the Spirit. It was awesome and she seemed so interested! Going back sometime this week! 

During the week we are still trying to do our nightly activities to bring members back to the church. This week at one of the activities I was able to be this little guys "caballito" (rocking/riding horse).  He loved riding around the room.  He is 9 years old, and we are hoping that he gets baptized shortly.

So last week we got a message from an old investigator (before I got here) saying that she really wanted to talk to us. We went over and she told us that she is having a lot of difficulty with her work and health and she feels really strongly that she needs to follow her Father in Heaven! We explained to her the true power of prayer and that if she wanted to know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was right for her she needed to sincerely pray, having faith it will be answered that night. We went back and it seemed that because things were getting better in her life she didn't need to have God with her. Such a sad thing but we hope next time we stop by we can talk to her and explain it takes a true commitment and desire to follow God. 

This week these scriptures stood out to me: Mosiah 24: 12-16. We truly have the greatest gift anyone has ever given right at our finger tips. If we have faith that the Atonement of Christ can help us: We will receive comfort with our heads up and looking forward, our burdens can be lightened, help during affliction, and strength to push forward IF we stand as witnesses of Christ. The Gospel of Christ is here. What we need to do is Stand As Witnesses of it! Be an example always and eager to stand up for what we KNOW is true. This church was restored though Joseph Smith who suffered immensely to stand up as a witness that he was doing the Will of God. I am so grateful for his strength and courage. I love you all and you are in my prayers!!! Have a great week!!
                        ELDER Devashrayee

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