Thursday, August 22, 2013

Charades, Snakes and Gaining Weight - 8/22/13

Travis is due to leave the MTC next Tuesday.  I won't have an address for him for a week or so. Just email or send any letters to the mission home address. Also, we won't know which day of the week will be his P-day once he is in Uruguay so not sure when we will get our next letter.... I will post it on here as soon as we hear anything.

Hello from the CCM! Best of luck with school everyone and tear it up this Friday D Bo and the rest of the Bengal gang. Justin, I heard you gave a killer talk last Sunday in Sacrament Meeting and I wish I could have seen it! I would have just smiled and stared at you the whole time ;)  And the pictures will come soon I promise! Once I am out I will have time to email them. 

This week was another fast one in The CCM! Can´t believe in 4 days I will be leaving this place to actually experience the mission life everyday. No, I really have enjoyed the time here and have learned so much about missionary work, my purpose, how to teach, and most of all the Gospel of Christ. Over these past 5 weeks I think I have gained a little weight too! You would be proud dad! 

We have had new Latinos in our room this past week and it has been really fun trying to talk (play charades) with them. They have some crazy stories and I´m understanding so much of the Culture in South America. The language is coming along well and it will speed up rapidly this next Tuesday when I leave. We have to get up at 3:30 in the morning, but I'm not sure of the exact time of the flight. 

Now to the good part. Saturday we went to a new area that had one section with really nice houses and another that was just shambles and half made houses. Me and Elder McRea were right on the border of these two neighborhoods. It started out well with people out in their yard working and they would talk with us for a minute or two and ask if we could come by some other time, which is better than being rejected even if they didn't really mean it. That was mainly in the poor section of the city. 

But things changed once we got over into the rich section. The second house we knocked at this older lady answered the door and was really excited to see us and she had another older lady there with her for lunch. They invited us to talk a little, which was a change for us! We were stoked to finally be able to teach a lesson! That was far from the truth though. We began and immediately one of the ladies stopped us and began to talk in a very loud voice how we were wrong with it all. We tried pulling out the Book of Mormon to explain it and she made us put it away because only the Bible is true in her eyes. We didn't want to disregard her request so we said we would talk about Christ in the New Testament. She was okay with that but then started asking why we were out trying to teach people if they could just find it for themselves in the Bible. "Our work was wrong. We were't doing the right thing. We shouldn't be out on the Sabbath." They were just trying to convert US! But we just answered her questions and tried to bear testimony whenever we could, if she would even let us talk. We finally just said we needed to go because it wasn't going anywhere. 

Outside the house we both just looked at each other and could see how sad the other was. She didn't understand that we could have truly changed her life and she wouldn't even listen. That really is the worst part. People out here will reject our message and we both felt really bad about that. The rest of the day walking through the rich area was pretty much the same with nobody even wanting to say a word, other than this group of girls (snakes) whistling at us from a window haha. It was rough but that is going to be everyday. 

It is the simple truth, but I don't think I will ever be able to get over feeling bad after every single person who turns down the Perfect Truth. I know this Gospel is exactly what Christ organized in his day, and restored through the Profeta Jose Smith. We have a profeta today who truly does speak with God to guide those who want to listen. I know Christ is our Savior. His Atonement truly does cover every person individually for whatever pain, sorrow, or sin. Christ did this out of pure love and I can only imagine what it would be like to Love someone the same way he Loves us. The Church of Jesus Christ is true. There is no way I could be out here withstanding all these rejections if I didn't know what I was teaching was true. The scripture I have was one I read and it stood out to me so strong when I read it, Jacob 5:72. Christ is with us today. Love you all! God be with you all!
       ELDER Devashrayee

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