Thursday, August 8, 2013

6 by 8 block radius in Buenos Aires - 1st time out

He mentioned that if you write, please include a standard 1st class stamp and your address inside then he can write back. The missionaries in his mission have their own mail system and it is only a standard 1st class stamp that is needed to mail something back home.  Also, it is taking anywhere from 7-10 days for mail to get to him.  He still loves emails, just has limited time to read and reply. Once he gets to his mission he can print off emails and then read them later on.

Family!!! Friends!!! Everyone!! Well another quick week for me and its crazy how fast it really does go... Days have been blurring together and I can´t keep the dates straight!!  It is pouch the whole mission I think, so when I get a letter I hope there is a stamp in there also for me to be able to mail back! 

There are probably a lot of stories out there with all missionaries struggling with the language and not feeling good enough because I really felt that the first week and even now I will have times when I get so frustrated with the language, especially when I am practicing my teaching with IP's and I can´t express myself like I want to. That will get better though and I have already made a lot of improvement so there is no way I could be mad.

And that Dulce was amazing huh?!! I really do eat a TON of it and it is how I keep myself full. I had my first battle with the disposable razor and the razor most definitely won... People were relentless when they saw that I had cut myself shaving especially when they heard it was my first time ever haha. 

Ok now onto the good part about last Saturday. So we just hopped on a bus and drove out to a different part of town that was pretty run down, to say the least. We were dropped off and given a little map of a 6 by 8 block radius that we had to stay between. At first, me and Elder McRae were a little nervous to start talking because people would honestly see us walking and purposely cross the street to the other side so they didn't walk by us, or they would hurry and run into their houses and as we walked up we could here them lock the doors, or they would yell out their window something we couldn't understand and then say they were Catholic. It was a huge reality check too but then we started warming up to it and we never stopped smiling. 

Our first contact was this guy talking with his drunk friend (who was drunk out of his mind) about what we were doing. It took awhile to explain but he definitely was interested because he took so much time to just explain and say things slowly in Spanish. We told him about the Book of Mormon and how it is like the Bible and testifies of Christ. He was immediately hooked and asked for it! Pretty cool feeling to give away our first one! He said he had to go but wanted us to come back next weekend. As we were walking away we heard some papers hit the ground and the Guys drunk friend had tried to throw the Book of Mormon at us... Max ran to the book though and said he was so sorry and kissed the Book and promised he would read. 

We then ran into some missionaries who were the actual ones for the area so we stopped to talk to them. I couldn't help but look at them and start laughing when I thought of them as Dad 28 years ago roaming those exact neighborhoods!! Such a cool thought and I really felt special to be able to be walking and teaching the same people my Dad did. 

The next guy that actually talked to us was this middle age man that could actually speak a little bit of English! He said he was Catholic but was so happy we actually cared about others and bringing them to Christ. We talked for quite awhile about Christ and explained what out church believed and he said he loves hearing about other religions and we could go to his house anytime. "my house is your house elders"... "Hang on, you guys can´t be elders! Way too young!" We all laughed at that one but set up a meeting to meet the next Saturday when he got home. 

After that we really didn't even have anyone who wanted a thing to do with us. One lady was walking with her kids and when we passed saying "Hola" she told them not to speak to us because we are bad people. This went for a while but when we had about an hour left to go we told each other we can´t leave until we give away our last Book of Mormon. As we said this we turned the corner and on the opposite block there was a lady just staring at us. It was actually extremely creepy because I don´t think she even blinked as we made our 30 second walk while having a staring contest. But we got to her and told her who we were and she said she wanted to know more. We talked for a bit and she said she wanted the book and all the pamphlets that were in my hand talking about the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Word of Wisdom, and Tithing. We handed it all to her right before she hopped on a bus to leave and we would come back to see her the next Saturday and talk about what she had read! 

I know that God lives and truly does have a hand in our lives as well as those he places in our path. We truly are Representatives of Christ and the people who we talk to and will listen about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will feel the truthfulness in those words. I know that Christ lives today and wants us to come closer to him by being examples of his attributes as well as using the Atonement he prepared for us, and performed so willingly. I love the work and this past Saturday just got me more excited to get out into the field and teach Actual Uruguay people. 

The scripture this week is 2nd Nephi 33 1-2. So true. Love you all and hope everyone is doing well :) Until next week God Be With You!!
   ELDER Devashrayee

p.s. - I don't know what IP's are, so if you know please share.  And thanks to those who told us Dulce de Leche can be purchased at Smiths.  It is rather tasty!  On ice cream, in oatmeal, or just a spoonful of it, etc... Lisa

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