Thursday, July 25, 2013

7-25-13 First Week at the MTC

Received the email below.  Also, he did ask to send letters instead of emails...  He only has a few short minutes to read and write emails.  I have located the MTC mailing address and pouch address and posted them to the side. You will want to mail them prior to Aug.12th to make sure he gets them before he leaves. If you send it directly to the MTC it will cost $1.10.  If you send it pouch remember you can only send 1 page, tri-folded (no envelope), address it and mail it with a normal stamp.

Well I'm going to start off saying that I am doing great! And I love you all and miss you all a lot! Starting off with the first day, We got to the terminal at the airport and there were 16 of us Elders and 1 Sister waiting. An hour before we were supposed to board, the plane had problems so there is a delay. Us Elders just looked around, lost, shrugging our shoulders, while the Sister just stood up and started talking to the flight people and making the calls needed. She really just acted like our mom and we followed everything she said, haha there is a reason why the lord wants Sister missionaries :)

The week seems like it has gone on forever but at the same time is feels like I haven't been here that long. Can't really explain it but I have a feeling that is how the mission is going to be. My companion is Elder McRae and he is from Arizona. He played soccer for the Y this spring and really is such a nice kid! He is always being so positive and having a great time with everything. He is laughing all the time and lightens the mood whenever anyone is feeling down. My district leader is Elder Gummersall and he is from Spokane Washington. Great guy and a great leader. There was a reason he was called to that position. We have an awesome district and all of the missionaries are working hard. 

I have to say I love the Latinos here! They are so funny and even though I can't understand a word they say they make me laugh. They are also SO good at futbol. I really look dumb when we play out on the field, and I'm a foot taller than all of them so they just cross it and say "yours Dray". I love them and can't wait to get out and see the people of Uruguay! 

Spanish is coming along ok but I keep thinking of all the advice people gave me about not worrying when I start to get frustrated. I'm doing all I can to just talk and practice and in 7 days I have made progress and that's what is important. 

The food is dang good down here! We are given authentic Argentine food and to be honest the meat and everything tastes so much better. I thought I was going to be hungry from not eating, but it's more like I'm hungry from not getting enough of the good stuff!! 

People, send letters to the MTC because I really don't have time to read many emails, so sorry if I don't respond. We got to go to the temple today and get to do it every week while we are here. Such a great place to just calm down and feel the spirit. I needed it and I love the temple here. 

The mission has already been making a difference in my life. I feel the spirit so much and I wouldn't want to leave that. I am now starting to understand what people meant when they said "its not about the words, but the spirit". I can't speak the language, but with the little I do know they can feel the power in those words. My mission scripture so far has been D&C 100:5-8. Read it. 

Miss everyone so much but I know I am doing the right thing and being a representative of Christ. I keep learning more about the gospel and about Christ. When I feel overwhelmed I can just say a SIMPLE prayer and it calms me down. Christ is real and takes all of our weaknesses and turns them into strengths if we just look to him. I miss you all but I know your prayers are making a difference. Thank you and love you :) Talk to you next week!
               ELDER Devashrayee

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